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All dances are held at the German American Social Club (we rent the ballroom) at 2101 SW Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral

Saturday, February 4—5:30 pm

Music by:  Jay Smith

Theme:  Football Fanfare


Saturday, March 4—5:30 pm

Music by:  Richie C

Theme:  Pot of Gold Shenanigans


Saturday, April 1—5:30 pm

Music by:  Jerry Dyche

Theme:  Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day


Saturday, May 6—5:30 pm

Music by:  Johnny & Patti Russo

Theme:  Hats & Horses

Saturday, June 3—5:30 pm

Music by:  Barbara B

Theme:  Let’s Shellebrate


Saturday, July 1—5:30 pm

Music by:  Robert Gonelli

Theme:  School Days Now & Then


Saturday, August 5—5:30 pm

Music by:  Kim Jenkins

Theme:  Lazy Crazy Daisy Days of Summer


Saturday, September 2—5 :30 pm

Music by:  Eddie Royale

Theme:  Stars & Stripes


Saturday, October 7—5:30 pm

Music by:  Johnny & Patti Russo

Theme:  Out of this World


Saturday, November 4—5:30 pm

Music by:  Chicago Heat

Theme:  Hooray for Nat’l Candy Day


Saturday, December 2—5:30 pm

Music by:  Barbara B

Theme:  Like a Charlie Brown Christmas

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