History of the Cape Coral Social Club

In 1967, Helen Peck formed the New Resident Club of Cape Coral. Membership of this club was for people who had lived in the Cape for one year or less. As members "graduated" and had to leave the New Resident Club, the idea came to form another group that would continue the social functions the members had enjoyed as part of the New Resident Club. At the same time, the Boards of the first year formed the Ex-Execs Club. The two groups then worked together to form Club 68.

In 1976 there were so many graduates of the New Resident Club that Club 76 was formed. Clubs, 68 and 76 were getting so crowded it looked like a new club should be created.

As a result, in 1984 a committee was formed to create Club 85. Those on the committee were:

  • Inge Losch
  • Belle Ricocco
  • Rosemary Kedersha
  • Helen Sexton
  • Rita Derrer
  • Elizabeth Howting

The committee announced in June, 1985 that Club 85 would officially begin in October, 1985. Club 85 officers were installed in August, 1985. The new officers and chairpersons were:


Rosemary Kedersha

1st Vice President

Billy Ruocco

2nd Vice President

Inge Losch


Helen Sexton


Charlotte Dawson

AM Chairperson

Mary Keieger

AM Chairperson

Norma Lee Bykowski


Geneva Hyde


Lu Peek

In September 1985 the Ex-Execs presented the president of Club 85 with a gavel and a check for $25 to start the new treasury. In November the Ex-Execs added an advisor to the Club 85 board and also donated plastic tablecloths to the club.

The first record of a social was April 29, 1986. For several years socials were held at the Yacht Club and Sportsman's Yacht and Sailing Club in Cape Coral . Price of tickets varied from $3.00 for a pot luck dinner to $7.50 for a catered meal. Socials were held on different days of the week. In June, 1989 the price of the social was increased to $8.50 but the dances were all catered and still held on different days of the week.

In 1988 the first man joined the New Resident Club. Before then the New Resident Club, Ex-Execs, Clubs 68, 76, and 85 had all been restricted to women members. It was in 1989 that all clubs were opened to both men and women.

In 2001 Club 90, Club 76, and Club 85 all joined together to form one club that was dubbed "Club 2001". In July 2004 the name of Club 2001 was formally changed to the Cape Coral Social Club.

If you would like more information regarding the history of these clubs, please visit the Cape Coral Historical Museum at 544 Cultural Park Boulevard in Cape Coral . The museum is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 1:00pm until 4:00pm except for July and August when the museum is closed.

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